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Diko Max is one of the Leading Privately owned printing Company which provides Smart and innovative textile technologies, Sublimation Printing & Digital Printing, Fabric Testing Services, Fabric Cutting Services & Textile Printing Services in the garment industry for more than 6 years in Sri Lanka. We are constantly updates our technology and renew our equipment to improve productivity and quality.

Our technical expertise and latest technology offers light fastness, color fastness and hand finishes to meet any industry standard. And our customers include large corporations with international sales, local companies with ties to our community, sole proprietors with niche products, and non-profit organizations.

Through continuous innovation and a powerful distribution network Diko Max Prints adds significant value to its customer’s processes and products.

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Smart and innovative textile technologies

Textile and fashion products made in Worldwide are renowned for their quality, innovation, creativity and increasingly the environmental and social responsibility with which they are produced. Our constant improvement in Fashion design and sample development, Pattern making, Marker making by CAD system, Printing Color development and color matching, materials, production processes and supply chain management can further optimize the sustainability performance of the industry.

Fabric Testing Service

We offer a large range of physical and chemical tests for measuring the properties of textiles and related materials. And our facility contains the most up to date and advanced test equipment in the textile industry. We undertake the following Textile Testing Options plus much more:Color fastness to laundering, dry cleaning, non-chlorine bleach.

Fabric Cutting Service

Our fabric cutting service will help you increase the reliability, quality, and productivity of your business, no matter the size. Whatever your fabric cutting needs are, Diko Max will supply your business with the latest in technology through our technical support, knowledge and maintenance. Diko Max fabric cutting services including Fabric Roll inspection, Shade band making and Lot separation, Fabric Shrinkages testing, Marker Making, Fabric Bulk Cutting and Numbering & Cut Panel inspection.

Textile printing service

Diko Max is the no.1 textle printing service provider in Sri Lanka for digital fabric printing, especially in making quality products and with flexible order options to different scale of customers. Diko Max technical expertise and latest printing machineries offers light fastness, color fastness, antimicrobial, shrinkage control and hand finishes to meet any worldwide industry standard.

Our Customers

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Innovative Textile Technologies & Textile Service Provider in Sri Lanka.


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